Our Coaches

Jill McCullough

Agency Director

I’ve worked in the industry for over 30 years – working in every part of it – from drama schools including RADA, Central and LAMDA, to my time as Adjunct Professor at Yale University. I’ve done small scale theatre all over the United Kingdom and hundreds of plays and musicals in the West End, as well as work for the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company. I’ve worked on tiny independent films and the biggest film franchises in the world, teaching countless brilliant actors.

Parallel to my work in the arts I also work internationally teaching communication and leadership skills. I’ve also presented my own talk show on BBC1. Working with leaders in the business world helps hugely in my work with actors and vice versa.

I started The Dialect Agency because I wanted to broaden the perception of dialect coaches in the profession.

Coaches can be a hugely beneficial asset to any production, using their skills to empower and support actors whatever their needs: whether it be learning a new accent, exploring text, increasing vocal range, running lines, or earwigging.

In the next ten years, I would like directors and producers to feel so confident in the range of support we provide, they request a coach for every job.

I wanted to develop a group of coaches who were brilliant, who I liked, wanted to work together and support each other. Here are those coaches. I would highly recommend every one of them. I absolutely love what I do and I’m passionate about this group of people and our profession. Let us know if we can do anything to help you.