About us

The Dialect Agency represents a select group of highly qualified dialect and voice coaches working internationally in film, television and theatre.

Founded by Jill McCullough in 2018, The Dialect Agency is at the forefront of professional coaching in the entertainment industry. With over 30 years’ experience, Jill has curated a team of outstanding coaches whose combined knowledge and skillsets serve a wide range of vocal needs both on set and off: from mastering accents to earwigging, singing coaching, ADR, constructed languages, and beyond.

“A more talented, caring, detail-oriented and good-humored dialect coach you will not find. Jill McCullough’s expertise is stunning, her big brain and even bigger heart a wonder. Working with Jill is a gift to any production.”

J.J. Abrams – Director
Star Wars

What we offer

Dialect Coaching

We offer dialect coaching for all accents for film, television and theatre from the audition stage through post-production. We have several American coaches who specialise in regional accents, as well as expertise in British regional accents and non-native English accents. We offer sessions both in-person and remotely.

Singing coaching

For singers at any level, from beginner to highly skilled, with a specialism in musical theatre and confidence building.

Accent softening

For non-native English speakers whose goal is to sound like a native English speaker.


Also known as line prompting via earpiece, for actors who want the security that comes from eliminating memorisation anxiety.

Interview & Audition Skills

For those who want to bring out the best, most confident version of themselves, while managing nerves and communicating effectively.

Text & Voice Work

For those who want assistance unlocking a piece of text and bringing it vibrantly and uniquely to life, and those who want to develop the versatility, strength, resonance and flexibility of the spoken voice. This can include work on breath, pitch range, tonal quality, endurance and vocal health.

Think we can help?

“Because you’re a ghost. McCullough. I don’t see you. I know you’re there, but your presence doesn’t affect me. It informs me brilliantly, magically; everyone tells you that; but it doesn’t impose, interrupt, disturb or ever get in my creative way. Not ever. “

Donald Sutherland – Actor
Pride and Prejudice